Taylor V-Class the Cutting Edge of a Classic Design

by Christopher Volpini on October 26, 2018

The Taylor 414 CE V-Class represents the cutting edge of a classic design.

Taylor-414CE-V-Class_1105098051_First-Shot__55013.1531236194-1Taylor Guitars V-Class line shows their commitment to improving the substance of their instruments rather than slapping a new color on the same old guitar. Introduced in 2018 on select Taylor Grand Auditorium models, V-Class bracing has opened up these guitars, giving them more projection, increased sustain and improved intonation.

The “nuts and bolts” of this guitar are a combination of the best selling options Taylor has noticed over the years. The Venetian cutaway, ES-II Series electronics, wood selection, and auditorium body options give the people what they want.  It also has a 1 3/4 inch nut-width that gives you added playability and room to dance around on the ebony fingerboard

One noticeable difference over the older Taylor lines is the utilization of Ovangkol in lieu of Rosewood. Taylor did this in order to adapt to the new regulations regarding the use of certain woods in Guitar Production. The use of Ovangkol DOES NOT take away from the tone in this flagship guitar in any way. The V-Class Taylor Guitar sings with the mix of volume and clarity. That tone, clarity, and richness have made Taylor the icon that it is today.

Taylor 414CE

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