The 80's are back? Ibanez thinks so.

by Christopher Volpini on January 28, 2019


Dust off those platform boots, squeeze back into those spandex pants, and start buying an inordinate amount of makeup and hairspray because the 80s are back! Ibanez is reintroducing us to the Ibanez Genesis series. This reincarnation is known has the RG550.

Shop the Ibanez Genesis Collection That 5 pc maple/walnut ‘Super Wizard’ neck is attached to a basswood body painted in fluorescent colors that will ensure that you are never hit by a car on stage. The Edge lockdown tremolo gives you all of that dive-bombing stability that will help show the soft side of every bad boy during all of those rock ballads. The pickups are the V7, V8, and S1 pickups. This puts a ceramic pickup in the neck, with alnico in the bridge and middle. The new pickups and 5-way coil selector really makes this one of the most versatile guitars on the market and marks a significant upgrade from its predecessors. The neck is also set at a dimension that would appeal jazz guitarists and metal-heads alike.


Right out of the box, this is set up to hit the stage and play. With these colors and electronics, you will definitely be seen AND heard. Though unconfirmed, it is believed that these finishes are resistant to all major hairspray brands.

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