Unknown and Tricky (?)

by Christopher Volpini on January 14, 2019


Part of Reverend’s revolutionary approach is a focus on working musicians. While other companies make feigned attempts at becoming “lifestyle brands,” Reverend focuses on making quality instruments at an achievable price. This is evident in all of their lines, but this is especially true in their artist models. A lot of companies do artist guitars that are simply their regular designs with a different finish… not the case with Reverend. Whether you are the King of Country Western Troubadours, or a mythical guitar god in the shadows, Reverend has the guitar for you. Enter the Unknown Hinson and Tricky Gomez signature models.

Reverend-Unknown-Hinson_30934_Angle-Left__74038.1520353312Both guitars have a semi-hollow Korina body with a maple top, bass contour knob, and locking tuners. That is where the similarities end. The first of these tone monsters is the Unknown Hinson. Much like it’s wielder, this guitar is only capable of writing #1 hits. It does this with a slimmed down Club King body, P90 pickups, and a roasted maple neck finished with black bat inlays pretty enough to make a corpse blush.

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Reverend-Tricky-Gomez_27510_Angle-Left__10066.1494450099The Tricky Gomez is a Bigsby-equipped Manta-Ray body with Revtron pickups in a neck-middle placement. Tricky Gomez may or may not be real, but the class, functionality, and tone emitting from this guitar is unquestionable. Unlike many Bigsby guitars, this instrument stays in tune with an unrivaled consistency.

There are few companies on the market today that do what Reverend does at this price point. Their player-focused model allows them to offer features previously unavailable to budget-minded players. Playing is believing, and Reverends are always well played.

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