Want a BRAND NEW PRS at a DISCOUNT?! Read more to find out how!

by Brett Mulzer on November 19, 2018

We're coming at you from Moore Music in Evansville, Indiana, and MooreGuitars.com. Today is kind of bittersweet because we get to mark down a bunch of PRS guitars! We got the green light from PRS to discount all of our 2017 PRS Guitars. 


You may ask yourself, “What’s wrong with this guitar?” “Why did this guitar not sell?” “What’s the catch?” “Does this guitar come with a warranty?” Let’s dive right in and answer all of those questions.

All. YES, All of the discounted 2017 PRS Guitars come with a FULL FACTORY Warranty. All the 2017 PRS New Old Stock (NOS) includes FREE Shipping inside the U.S.  NO Sales Tax outside of Indiana. The reason we have so many 2017 models is due to the fact we went to the PRS Factory multiple times in last year and we didn’t see those guitars until December of 2017. Soon after we started receiving our 2017 builds, we started to get our 2018 guitars and once we were into 2018 that is the model year that people wanted to buy, even though the 2017 guitars were arriving at the same time.

2017 PRS NOS Sale

                 Get all the Details on the 2017 PRS NOS                  

Our 2017 Discounted PRS Models are brand new guitars. Untouched by the public, these PRS Guitars were only out for inspection, photos for MooreGuitars.com, and then they were immediately put back into their cases and stored in our humidity-controlled warehouse.

You can have the peace of mind when you purchase a 2017 PRS Model that nothing is wrong with it and it comes with a FULL Warranty. The prices that are advertised on the website reflect the discount. You don’t have to worry about a coupon code. We do have really great financing options available and in most circumstances, we will ship the same day.

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Check out our NOS Page at MooreGuitars.com for some killer deals on your next PRS Guitar.

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