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Introducing the NEW PRS Silver Sky Signature  John Mayer Guitar

Posted by Brett Mulzer on Mar 5, 2018 10:38:00 AM

PRS has done it all. Anything they set their mind to, they always seem to nail it.

If they want to create a new model, it’s a hit.

If they want to re-create a vintage guitar (and make it even more amazing), it’s a hit.

Well now they’ve done both in the same instrument.


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Introducing Mark Tremonti's Signature Amp

Posted by Brett Mulzer on Jan 23, 2018 11:02:48 AM

Moore Music is excited to introduce Mark Tremonti's first ever signature amp from PRS!

“We knew we wanted a low-wattage amp. The challenge was getting a lot of tone and features in a little box. We’re all blown away with how it turned out. It’s going to be great for someone to take it out of the box, set everything to noon, and have it sound great.” – Mark Tremonti

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Posted by Larry Peter on Jan 17, 2018 1:50:30 PM

Let’s share. Seriously, give me some comments on this one because I want to know your strategy for buying a guitar.

For most that I know, it’s simply: Find a guitar you like, with the sound you want, and buy it! Oh, how I wish my mind worked like that.

I have a variety of guitars, and most of them are bizarre Frankenstein mutations to which most guitarists wouldn’t give a second look. They are the results of my strategy. Although I happen to love them and the sounds they produce, I’m quite aware that I developed my guitar buying strategy, in part, because of my utilitarian (some may say miserly) nature.

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Selecting an Instrument for Young Students

Posted by Jon Snyder on Jan 12, 2018 2:31:08 PM

It’s still a new year filled with new promise and endless possibilities, and I hope that everyone finds ways to make music a part of their everyday lives. Whether it’s progressing on your instrument, creating original music, finding others to play with, or introducing music to a young person. If you’re like me, music is a joy and a gift. This leads me to a question that I get asked a lot, "What instrument should my younger child start with?" For such a simple question, the answer isn’t clean cut.

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Introducing the 2018 PRS SE Acoustic Line 

Posted by Brett Mulzer on Jan 9, 2018 11:02:59 AM

Moore Music is excited to introduce the newly revamped 2018 PRS SE Acoustic line-up.

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Jazz: You Dig? 

Posted by Ed Sein on Dec 22, 2017 1:14:29 PM

I wasn’t surprised when a colleague of mine who studied piano for some years told me he never listened to jazz music. He didn’t have an opinion one way or the other, didn’t harbor a prejudice based on pop-culture caricatures that poke fun at it or anything like that. Jazz was a kind of music that he just said he was never exposed to, a whole world whose orbit never intersected his, an off-ramp on his study of music that he never took. It occurred to me that compared to him I was a Jazz aficionado, which is amusing because I certainly am not! I benefit from being longer in the tooth and I’ve made an effort to learn how to appreciate Jazz over the years. I know what I like, have a sense of what I don’t and why some iterations of Jazz may or may not appeal to others. It was this insight that made me realize that “Jazz” is a woefully small moniker that strains to describe a huge genre of music, the diversity of which can be intimidating and confusing to those on the outside looking in.

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PICK UP YOUR GUITAR AND TALK TO ME: communicating through music

Posted by Larry Peter on Nov 3, 2017 11:27:55 AM

Remember that glorious day when you discovered that a well-placed rest could be just as beautiful as a stream of sixteenth-note triplets?  (If you haven’t reached that transcendental moment yet, do it soon! Your audience will appreciate it, and your bandmates will throw a party in your honor.)

The idea for this blog originated from a series of videos my son sent me of several young metal guitarists displaying some amazing speed and dexterity.  I saw some incredible shredding, arpeggios, tapping – playing far beyond my abilities.  I surprised my son when I told him I had a lot of admiration for their skills, but I had no further desire to listen to them.  They weren’t speaking to me.  It was as if someone was screaming “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious,” in my ear over and over.  I could appreciate their abilities as musical athletes, but they weren’t communicating with me.  I thought I understood why (I blamed lack of phrasing skills), but it wasn’t until I wrote this blog that I came to a real understanding of my reaction.

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what is the right age for music lessons?

Posted by Ed Sein on Oct 26, 2017 1:23:45 PM

I’m often asked “When is the right age to begin music lessons?” by parents of young children. Of course, every child is different with their own gifts and temperaments, so there is no definitive answer to this question. As long as they’re able to physically support themselves and the instrument safely without falling over and hurting themselves is one way to determine if they’re ready. Another consideration is one that applies not only to children, but many adults as well. I’m referring to acquired skills, often introduced in pre-K, of basically staying put and minding the adult in the room. Skills like listening to instruction, sustained focused attention, familiarity with the experience of being confronted with knowledge that is unfamiliar and the ability to absorb and contextualize new information and experience. Basically, learning how to learn; these abilities are not universally present in adults so it bears mentioning again that it is, indeed, an acquired skill that is honed and developed over time with varying degrees of proficiency.

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Moore Music named NAMM Top 100 Dealer

Posted by Amy Watson on Oct 26, 2017 12:25:39 PM

Evansville’s Moore Music Recognized as One of the Top 100 Music Stores in the World

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Posted by Ed Sein on Oct 5, 2017 4:17:46 PM

A totally subjective and unscientific observation has given me some hope for music and the latest generation of guitar players that come through the doors of Moore Music. Because of my work, I’ve had years and years of experience hearing what people play when they pick up a guitar for a test drive. It seems it wasn’t that long ago I was concerned over a lack of tasty licks, or clear expressions of inspiration from examples of high-level musicianship by young guitar players. When I was a kid I remember my friends and I talking about “shop licks” because we were young and self-conscious enough to care about what other people thought about our level of skill on the guitar. Also, we were prepared for the opportunity to play on a guitar, amp, or pedal that we pined for, not wanting to waste the opportunity when the nerve was worked up to try something out. Recently, there just seems to be a lot of good, young players and I’m really stoked about it!

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